The 5 essentialformulas are available as day or night cream and can be combined with up to two boosters from Vitamine, Anti Jet lag, invisible pores and more. Visit our Spa My Blend and let our specialists analyse your skin to design the right product, individually for you.

03 Stress Management - Your skin is stressed and has lifestyle - related blemishes (stress, polution, smoking etc). It is a combination to oily.

04 Balance of Power - Your skin is balanced and comfortable but can have a few shiny patches at the end of the day. It is normal

05 Early Age Alert - Your skin is tired and dull and reflects the slightest excess. It is slightly dry

06 Prescribed Comfort - Your skin is becoming finer and increasingly senstive to external factors. It is dry, lacking in tone.

07 Change for the Better - Your sin is subject to hormonal fluctuations and very dry.

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